I was only a few years old when the terrifying war engulfed my country (Bosnia and Herzegovina) making it impossible for children to grow up in normal conditions. Listening to the sound of bombs and detonations in the basement of a house, where I was a refugee and experiencing fear, cold and hunger instead of playing with toys, socializing with my peers and enjoying in the sun during my most sensitive period was extraordinary difficult. Nobody on this planet should experience what people from my country went though. Those and many other experiences made me appreciate small things and forced me to become responsible and realistic at a very early age, an age that kids from another developed country would still enjoy playing with toys.

Before coming to the United States with the goal of achieving a higher education I was very active in a few Non Governmental Organizations, in my country, that were in charge of building peace and solidarity between three nations who live in my country (Croats, Serbs and Muslims).We were working on educating people in basic computer skills, we held a few courses on how to write project proposals, etc. However, another aspect of our project was to transition the kids from the street that would result in lowering the possibility of drug addiction, prostitution or some other type of crime. Even nowadays “two schools under one roof” are still operating, where for example, Muslim kids would go to school from 08:00am to 12:30pm and Croat kids would go from 13:00pm to 17:30pm so they would not have any physical contact or interaction.

Last four and a half years of my life I spent at Earlham College expanding personal knowledge of Computer Science and Politics, two of my greatest passions. My professional Computer Science research is about designing teaching environments in high performance computing for higher educational institutions that do not have access to platforms for parallel and distributed computing education. I personally believe that people are perfect in collecting enormous sets of data but do not exploit a full potential out of them. From that observation my passion for data visualization was born and in my free time I explore the process of collecting data, constructing information out of that data, creating useful knowledge and generating visualization as a final step. Currently, I am doing a summer long research at Earlham, creating material and modules for professors to teach high performance computing, which I believe is the future of Computer Science.

Having lived in Bosnia, Germany, United States and United Kingdom helps me understand people better. Making work with them a pleasure and adaptation to a new work environment an easy and smooth process. My Graduate school interest is in the intersection of High Performance Computing and Economics. I am also looking into human interaction with machines and visualization. Amazing opportunity that I truly enjoyed as an undergraduate, designing and teaching a college level class made me think of becoming a college professor at some point of my life.

I am a social person. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Either way, you can find me at the following places:

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."