• Earlham College, Richmond, IN, Bachelor of Arts, May 2013
  • Major: Computer Science; Minor: Politics; GPA: 3.75/4
  • Iceland Abroad Program, Pellissippi State College, Summer 2013
  • England Semester Abroad Program, London Imperial College, January 2011
  • United World College in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2007-2009
Relevant Experience:
USA, UK, Iceland, Nicaragua, India, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Technical Manager DevOps, Target Corporation - India - FT position – Jan 2016
      • Coordinated agile team between San Francisco bay area, Minneapolis and Bangalore
      • Started DevOps infrastructure team in India from scratch - Hired, trained and managed
      • Partnered with cross functional teams to execute short and long term product delivery strategy
      • Managed and improved infrastructure design, tools development, release process, uptime
      Senior DevOps Engineer, Target Corporation – USA - FT position – April 2015 to Jan 2016
      • Designed and implemented solutions which improved continuous deployment & integration
      • Created and improved system and application monitoring, logging & real time alerting
      • CBuilt automated system that ensured constant system availability and zero downtime of our APIs
      • As an senior engineer at Target I have ben exposed to projects that were dependent on: Spark, Cassandra, Scala, Chef, OpenStack, Jenkins, Docker, Splunk, Spring Boot, Spock, Graphite, Graphana, Sensu, Uchiwa, Flapjack, Unix Shell Scripting
      • Oversaw 1000+ nodes in OpenStack and Amazon Web Services & improved monitoring of same
      Post-Baccalaureate CS Faculty - USA - FT position – May 2013 to April 2105
      • Lectured Computer Science classes and was responsible for Labs
      • Designed economical, open, hardware designs and software for sampling geocoded water, soil, gas and ambiance values and visualizing the resulting data sets
      • Contributed to the research of Comparative Genomics of the Harpy Eagle and other Raptors
      • Administrated CS/Math/Physics computing facilities including servers, clusters, labs
      • Leadership of the System and Network Administrators Applied CS groups
      Bootable Cluster CD Senior Developer, USA - ( - 2009 to 2015
      • Engineered software for the BCCD, a custom built operating system automatically managing a cluster environment for scientific computing and high performance computing education
      • Integrated software with capabilities of shared memory, distributed memory, GPGPU parallelism and ability to teach key concepts such as speedup, efficiency and load balancing
      • Taught educators how to teach HPC material, enhancing the future of Computer Science
      Assistant Instructor at the NSI workshops - 2010 to 2015
      • Provided educators at all levels with ideas and resources related to computational science
      • Coordinated and worked with many field experts
      • Instructor at University of Washington, Louisiana State University, Oklahoma University
      LittleFe Senior Project Manager - ( - 2009 to Present
      • Designed a complete 6 node Beowulf style portable computational cluster
      • Built modules for educators that helped integrate parallelism into their classrooms
      • Managed buildout workshops sponsored by Intel, National Computational Science Foundations
      • Served on the grant selection committee, resulting in 100 clusters given to faculty across the United States. Awarded grants totaling $250,000
      Cluster Computing Group - 2009 to 2015
      • Created curriculum modules for teaching computational science to undergraduate students and faculty, closely collaborating with NCSI, Shodor Foundation, TeraGrid/XSEDE and SC Conf.
      Hardware Interface Project Group Leader - 2009 to 2015
      • Constructed helpful hardware solutions for Earlham College and the Richmond community
      Teaching Assistant - Earlham College - 2009 to 2015
      • Assisted Computer Science/Physics/Politics professors with student homework, exam preparation
      • Conducted assignments and exams grading. Instructed students during special sessions
      • Lectured when instructors were absent
      EC Green Science Group Leader - 2009 to 2015
      • Established the power consumption monitoring system on Earlham’s campus
      • Built hardware, software and generated visualization for campus electricity consumption
      • Worked on integration and installation of green energy sources in to the campus energy network system such as solar arrays and wind turbine
      • Lowered the energy consumption and increased college wide energy awareness
      • Collaborated closely with the institutions’ professors, engineers, electricians
      • Trained local community members to use college equipment and instruments with the outcome of making their homes more environmentally friendly and less energy consuming places
Other Experience:
      London Refugee Voice - England - Spring 2011
      • Volunteered for refugee community organizations and focused on African immigrants
      • Created a variety of projects, organized gatherings and skill trainings for disadvantaged population
      • Advocated and lobbied on refugee issues in order to enhance their capacity
      Teacher - Earlham College, Richmond Indiana - Spring 2011
      • Taught and designed a college level course, The Past, Present and the Future of The United Nations
      • Closely Evaluated international issues and functions of the United Nations through history
      Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace - January 2013 to 2014
      • Came up with goals for a review consultation on the coverage of sustainability issues
      • Developed lesson plans, based on the Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace
      • Pioneered concept of Museopedia of Peace – interactive digital archive of peace pictures
      Model United Nations Secretary-General - (, 2011 - 2012
      • Organized a two-day on campus MUN conference for 300 students from four US states
      • Coordinated and assigned responsibilities for 30 highly motivated Earlham MUN staff members
      • Led and organized trips to other MUN conferences; club received more than 10 notable prizes
      Sida and Youth Organization - Bosnai and Herzegovina - 2000 to Present
      • Engaged as volunteer on uniting three nations, Bosnians, Croats and Serbs, who developed conflict amongst each other during the destructive war in Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH - Embassy in London, England - Spring 2011
      • Acquired diplomatic experience in addition to maintaining the embassies technology and data
Awards, Recognitions and Activities:

    • College Honors - Awarded to seniors with cumulative grade point averages of 3.4 or higher.
    • Award for Best Grad/PhD Poster - IEEE Cluster 2013 (September 2013)
    • Award for volunteer work - Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
    • Award for contribution in development of Turbe - Youth Center Turbe, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Award for contribution to education of Roma people - Roma organization, Zuralipe Vitez
    • Peace Project Award - $10,000 for self-designed project. Improving Roma's education in BiH
    • Davis College Scholarship - four years of undergraduate education and HS United World College
    • William C. Dennis Scholarship - For pursuing International Affairs & contribution to Legal Studies
    • Student Programming Contest - First place award at the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis in New Orleans
    • Internship - Blue Waters Undergraduate Patascale Education Program (Louisiana State Univeristy)
    • Internship in marketing field - worked with marketing experts in leading BiH Business Center

Skills & Expertise:
    Project Management, Software Engineering, University Teaching, Data Analysis and Visualization, System Administration, Team Leadership, Organization, DNA Extraction and Sequencing, High Performance Computing, 3D Design and Printing, Publishing, Conflict Resolution, Research, Diplomacy, Conflict Management, Fund-raising, Inter-cultural Communication
Relevant Coursework:
    Bioinformatics, Comparative Genomics, Visualization of Scientific Data, Database Systems, Operating Systems, Principles of Computer Organization, Algorithms and Data Structures, Advanced Programming, Scientific Computing, Theory of Computation, Discrete Mathematics, Mathematics Toolkit, Science Technology and Society, Programming and Problem Solving, Astronomy, International Relations